The Vir water-reservoir has a 72 meters high pier and the surface is 9,7 kilometer long. With the extent of 224ha it keeps a maximal capacity of 56 millions m3 of water. It is a significant reservoir of drinkable water for Brno and its surroundings. The Vir village is set in the Ceskomoravska Vrchovina highland under the southeast edge of Zdar Peaks (Zdarske Vrchy). The Svratka river flows through. The landscape is mountainous with majority of wood growth. This area is a part of far-famed natural park Svratecka hornatina (the Svratka highlands). Virska skalka is a national park as well with unaffected wood growth and significant plants on the rock slopes. The water reservoir Vir was built above the village on the Svratka river. During the summer and even the winter there are plenty of sports which can be realized there. Many tourist paths go through Vir. Right in the village there are two tennis courts and a football field, during the winter there is a natural skating rink opened.
Dam VírDam Vír